Since there are many lawn types, our employees take the time to adjust the height of our mowers to best suit your lawn.  In addition, we never hesitate to use our mowers state of the art bagging systems to remove long or wet grass.

When the fall arrives, Marshall Yardworks does total yard clean-ups.  We clean your yard from eaves troughs to garden beds, even under decks and patios!
Grass Cutting
Have your lawn manicured every week by Sudbury’s professional lawn care service. Services include removing all debris; cutting and trimming grass and clearing all clippings from hard surfaces. 

Seasonal Cleanup
Marshall Yardworks will have your entire property looking flawless after our lawn professionals have removed all fall and winter debris.

Marshall Yardworks now provides a full range of landscaping services.  We offer interlock, retaining walls sodding and more!

Aerating and Dethatching
Think green!  Aerating and dethatching are environmentally friendly ways to
improve and maintain the health of your lawn. 

Aerating works by removing small plugs of soil and grass from the lawn. This decompresses the soil, allows air water and nutrients to penetrate more effectively, and promotes the growth of essential microorganisms.

Dethatching and power raking improves the look of your lawn by removing all of the excess dead grass that has accumulated.  When thatch becomes too thick, water and oxygen cannot penetrate the soil to promote healthy root growth.

Snow Removal

Have one of our trained professionals plow your driveway with the newest equipment.  We even shovel steps and walkways!

Weed Man Sudbury

Now under same ownership as Marshall Yardworks.  It is extremely beneficial to have one team provide lawn care and grass cutting services to your lawn.  The Weed Man and Marshall Yardworks work together as a team and report issues to one another to provide a more streamlined service.

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